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01. Planning

This project was just for fun, but has since gained its own purpose. In mid 2015 I decided to get in shape. I did my research and transformed my body. I got so many inquires from people about what and how I did it, I decided to make a google doc with all the steps. Within a week I had developed a fully function membership based ecommerce store…

Item No.

02. Design


“The fitness industry is bullshit. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, spend hours on a treadmill or eat crazy low calorie or no carb or fad diets.

All you need is to understand some fundamentals about how your body works, and be patient, the results will come.”

This was my mission statement for the website. The design speaks to simplicity and basic easy to digest content, whilst integrating a membership based ecommerce store to power the site.

Item No.

03. Develop

Developing a fully fledged membership based site simply to give away some information to your social group seems like overkill right? True, but I have always wanted to build my own membership site, and seeing this as an opportunity, jumped on it.

Later I added functionality to enable users to upload images of their success to the site.

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