Website Design & Branding

For The Oasis Centre

Classic Logo Design

My aim with this logo was to create a timeless symbol representing the richness and quality that has come to define the Oasis Centre Events & Weddings venue. The older logo designs featured the original company name “The Oasis Edmonton Conference Centre” which was quite a mouthful which didn’t play nicely for the website url.

I witnessed first hand how their customers would shorten the name by calling it “The Oasis Centre”, so I suggested the using that name and it was embraced by the company.

This new logo design uses a rounder, more balanced “O” & “C”: elegant enough for a wedding venue, while still bold and clear enough for a high end conferencing and events venue also. Under the “OC” lay the warm, gold, spear-shaped divider, symbolizing a golden horizon.  The font choice for the company name uses one of my all-time favourite fonts: Trajan Pro.

A Puzzling Filagree

Expanding outward into branding territory, another important branding element to uphold the class and elegance of the Oasis Centre was the signature ornamental OC filagree.  I spent many hours looking through different victorian patterns and floral arrangements for ideas, but nothing quite worked.  Everything was either too simple, or too dense, and ended up looking more like victorian wallpaper!  I also looked to the delicate marbling found in the marble walls of the venue and while powerful and ancient, I decided it was too stark for a wedding website design.

I eventually discovered the preferred balance by encircling the OC with a wrapping element in a flipped mirror arrangement.  To me it speaks of an energetic, asymmetrical spiralling dance of magic around the central OC logo.  The result it is neither too patterned and dense, nor skimpy and boring: it is just right.  You will see its delicate play scattered all around the backgrounds and gold banners of the Oasis Centre Weddings website.

Typography & Texture

The next progression of the Oasis Centre branding was to start combining elements and see what was missing.  One last key component was needed: a strong dividing element to highlight headers, introduce new text, frame new imagery, and break up the floral backgrounds. And that was the gold banner you see above.  I knew it would be risky to introduce a textured shimmery gold and gradated element to the website, especially given that the design industry is currently inundated with flat colour and design.  But given the ample white space, which allows the elements room to breath amongst each other, I think it turned out beautifully in the end.

Next I began looking for a web based header font that could achieve two things: look attractive enough to match the logo, and remain functional enough to be fully readable by google (not just an image based font).  This is where Design directly meets SEO.  I wanted to find a google font that was similar to “Trajan”, and fortunately “Cinzel” was the perfect fit!  Now all the elements had come together and it was time to begin the process of applying the branding identity to the website.

Brother & Sister Sites

As the Oasis Centre caters to both corporate and wedding clients, it was only fitting to create separate websites that could manage the two differing streams of traffic on Google.  In designing the corporate counterpart to the cream and gold inspired weddings website design, I wanted this site to clearly stand alone while still sharing all of its branding elements with its sister weddings website design.

The resulting black and gold corporate design showcases the flexibility of the branding identity, while creating a much sharper and richer feel for the business world clients.  A bold decision in the face of the predominantly white corporate websites that we see these days, but one that I do not regret.

The timeless design of The Oasis Centre website makes it one of my favourite creations.

Website Design

To this day, Oasis Centre Weddings website design with it’s warm golds and creamy filagrees remain a modern, classy and original design.  A fitting reflection of the richness and quality of service that is abundant when booking a wedding at the Oasis Centre venue.

SEO Development

I’m very pleased to say that as of the time of this writing nearly two years after the website went live, the Oasis Centre Weddings continues to rank in the number one spot, both in the google search results as well as in the google business listings at the top.

WordPress CMS

Using WordPress as the Content Management System for The Oasis Centre Weddings continues to make quick work of page updates, wedding photo gallery additions and blog postings.

Oasis Weddings has been working closely with Elite Web Design Services for over 8 years. 3 years ago we approached Elite to develop and create our current website. The website has been a huge success and as a result, has steered a lot of business our way, resulting in increased site tours and event bookings. Elite has done an outstanding job of receiving our ideas and coming up with creative solutions to all aspects of website building, whether it be in functionality, SEO or design work. Elite are excellent communicators and are quick in putting things together in a way that works and looks not only beautiful, but modern as well, something which is hugely important in our business. I so appreciate Elite's aesthetic sense and overall ability. We highly recommend them!


Feature photo of Jenny & Hon’s Wedding at The Oasis Centre provided by Sharon Litchfield